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Jerusalem Lights Parashat Va'yeshev 5782: The Foundation of the World

How did Yosef, a handsome young man in the fullness of his youth, withstand the temptation of his master’s wife’s repeated attempts to seduce him? How did he maintain his righteousness and purity in the midst of a foreign, idolatrous environment? Throughout his ordeals, Yosef never for an instant lost sight of his relationship with G-d. 

The Torah portion of Va'yeshev (Genesis 37 : 1 - 40 : 23) is read on Shabbat,   Kislev 23, 5782  -  November 27, 2021


Rabbi Chaim Richman 

Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone 

Jerusalem Lights Podcast #67 - Israel in the Wilderness: The War Against the Truth

Parashat Behalotcha This week’s Torah portion of Behalotcha focuses on the enigmatic Generation of the Desert, providing a snapshot of their ups and downs as they traverse through the wilderness, making camp and breaking camp to travel further according to Divine signals. Fast forward to today, as we too traverse through the wilderness of this world…our Jerusalem Lights podcast examines and reviews shocking examples of the sharp rise in anti-Semitic attacks that have taken place in the last month throughout the USA and the world, and the deafening silence of the most of the world’s media platforms and political leaders. Is it just ‘anti-Zionism’ – or is it much deeper? This week’s Jerusalem Lights podcast is a rallying call for unity and taking a stand for truth. The G-d of Israel is an unabashed Zionist! Where do you stand on the matter?


Rabbi Chaim Richman Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone

Israel Under Attack, Part 1 

Global Lock-down: A Time for Reflection, A Time for Change

The Book of Leviticus, the Divine Service, and the Temple Offerings: Heart of the Torah 

As we usher in the glorious month of Nisan, time of Redemption, the people of Israel now begin to read the third book of the Bible, Leviticus, called 'the heart of the Torah.'  How do we understand the korbanot, the Temple offerings, which seem so difficult to relate to in our modern world? Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long discuss the meaning and significance of the Temple offerings in the shadow of  a world paralyzed by the Corona virus, which is now keeping nearly three billion people the world over in lock-down.


Rabbi Chaim Richman Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone

Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone