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Jerusalem Lights Parashat Devarim 5780: Connecting Heaven to Earth

This week’s Torah portion of Va’Etchanan is full of rebuke and love – and the love and fear of G-d. ‘Va’Etchanan’ means ‘and I begged:’ Moshe recounts how he pleaded with the Almighty to allow him to enter into ‘the Good Land,’ but G-d refused to rescind His decree. What happens to unanswered prayers? Where do they go? Va’Etchanan is read on Shabbat Nachamu, the ‘Sabbath of Consolation’ following Tisha B’Av. It features a retelling of the Ten Commandments, and the preeminent statement of faith, the prayer known as ‘Shema Yisrael’ – ‘Hear O Israel,’ the prayer that will in the future be declared in unison by the whole world. 

The Torah portion of Va'Etchanan (Deut. 3:23 -  7:11) is read on Shabbat, Av 11 , 5780  - August 1, 2020 (Shabbat Nachamu - the Sabbath of Consolation) '


Rabbi Chaim Richman Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone 

Global Lock-down: A Time for Reflection, A Time for Change

The Book of Leviticus, the Divine Service, and the Temple Offerings: Heart of the Torah 

As we usher in the glorious month of Nisan, time of Redemption, the people of Israel now begin to read the third book of the Bible, Leviticus, called 'the heart of the Torah.'  How do we understand the korbanot, the Temple offerings, which seem so difficult to relate to in our modern world? Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long discuss the meaning and significance of the Temple offerings in the shadow of  a world paralyzed by the Corona virus, which is now keeping nearly three billion people the world over in lock-down.


Rabbi Chaim Richman Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone

Jerusalem Lights | Torah for Everyone