Weekly Torah Portion

Weekly Torah Portion:  Toldot, with Chodesh Kislev Insights

The struggle between Yaakov and Esav, which began whilst still in the womb, is an eternal struggle between two nations, between goodness and evil, between light and darkness, between a nation that is open to G-d's truth and lives by and teaches that truth, and a nation willing to stoop to whatever subterranean level necessary to deny that truth and prevent its recognition in this world. The festival of Chanukah, which occurs later in this new month of Kislev, celebrates an essential victory of good over evil in this generational struggle. 

Even within our own selves this battle is fought, and material temptations constantly arise, attempting to deter us from assuming our responsibility as the children of G-d. '

Toldot (Genesis 25:19 - 28:9) 

Parashat Toldot is read on Shabbat: 

Kislev 2, 5780/November 38, 2019

Weekly Torah Portion:  Chayei Sara

Old age, the blessing of wisdom conferred upon one who has lived his life with love and kindness towards others, a true recognition of G-d's presence in the world, is a gift for all of us to acquire, thanks to Avraham, who beseeched G-d to grant him old age and the wisdom to recognize the sublime beauty with which his beloved wife Sara lived her life.

Chayei Sara (Genesis 23:1 - 25:18)

Parashat Chayei Sara is read on Shabbat:

Marcheshvan 25, 5780/November 23, 2019

Weekly Torah Portion:  Vayera

The attribute of chesed (loving-kindness), which Avraham possessed in abundance, endures when it has been tempered with the attribute of gevurah, (harsh judgement and fear of G-d), as it was for Avraham, when G-d commanded him to bind and offer "your son, your only one, whom you love, yea, Yitzchak." (Genesis 22:2)

Vayera (Genesis 18:1 - 22:24

Parashat Vayera is read on Shabbat: 

Marcheshvan 18, 5780/November 16, 2019