The Jewish Life League was born in 1999, as Jews For Life.   While there were many websites and organizations covering abortion and related issues, there was not a single Jewish organization or voice online that examined abortion from the traditional Jewish perspective.   A majority of Jewish Americans supported abortion, and organizations like the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, The Nation Council of Jewish Women and Hadassah were supporting abortion for any reason up to birth, including the cruel and barbaric partial birth abortion method.  We saw a need for a Jewish voice in the public square promoting a consisten pro-life message.   We began as Jews Against Genocide in 1999, and then changed our name to Jews For Life in 2000. \

For many years, we posted articles of critical importance on issues such as abortion and euthanasia, and included current world affairs and cultural commentary. We welcomed contributing writers and still do.

We welcome article contributions from established and beginning writers who are passionate about the pro-life cause. Please submit your pro-life articles to:
We intend to continue as before by reporting on all news about abortion.   There are numerous tragic incidents of women dying, or being seriously injured after undergoing abortions in sub-standard legal abortion mills.   Current news about Planned Parenthood and taxpayer funding of abortions will be included in our articles.  

We will not continue to cover world events unless they are directly related to the abortion industry and/or the topic of assisted suicide. If there is important election news, we will disclose which candidates are pro-life and which are pro-abortion. The same holds true for U.S Supreme Court nominations, and nominations for the lower courts. We welcome article submissions on any topics relating to pro-life issues.

Occasionally, we will cover local events and news stories that relate to life issues, and the injustice that prevails when Courts take away the rights of ordinary citizens.

In addition to abortion, we will include adoption resources and places pregnant women can contact for adoption referrals. Since the 2016 election there has been a plethora of news coverage, and it is possible we may miss something important. Don't hesitate to contact us if there is any information you are aware of that we did not cover.

The knowledge and exchange of ideas on the internet has changed the hearts and minds of a majority of people who once considered themselves "pro-choice."   Today, people know more about what really is going on in the abortion industry than in decades past and are becoming increasingly pro-life.   Videos such as David Daleidon's groundbreaking expose of Planned Parenthood and their illegal trafficking of baby body parts exploded on the internet, causing a media firestorm and public outcry.    People knew nothing about this barbaric practice, although these facts were known to pro-lifers as far back as the year 2000 when Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics did extensive research into the  baby harvesting industry.   Pro-life Videos published on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter bring the truth about abortion into focus.    Advances in neonatal technology has lowered the age of viability, and unborn babies are able to survive outside the womb at 24 weeks.    These facts - and many others - will be covered by The Jewish Life League as we report on the news. 
There has been a significant decline in the number of abortions since 1973. The Guttmacher Institute published their latest abortion data in a September 2019 report, "Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States." The information covered in this report includes data and abortion trends for the years 2011 through 2017, and an analysis of changes in national, regional and state abortion rates.

The Guttmacher Institute receives its data directly from abortionists and abortion facilities so is considered to be the most reliable. In 2014, there were 926,190 abortions committed in the United States, dropping to below one million for the first time since 1973.

According to this latest Guttmacher Institute report, in 2017 the number of unborn babies killed by abortion was 862,320, a 7% drop from 2014. The number of U.S. abortions had dropped to below one million in 2014 for the first time since 1973. Current statistics would seem to show a continuation of that long-term trend.

Another key statistic indicated in the current report is the U.S. abortion rate. In 2017, abortions declined to 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 44. This is the lowest abortion rate since 1973, when Roe v. Wade mandated legal abortion nationwide.

The decline in the number of abortions is in due in large part to the commitment and continued efforts of pro-life activists who faithfully show up to protest at abortion clinics and hand out literature to pregnant women. Activists and citizen journalists that infiltrate abortion facilities and recording their findings with investigative footage, providing videotaped evidence about dismemberment abortions late into pregnancy and the sale of baby body parts for profit.

Pro-lifers present the facts about the dangers pregnant women face due to the increasing number of clinics that fail to meet minimal health and safety standards. Clinics are closing. As Life Dynamics Founder Mark Crutcher points out in his pamphlet, The Pact, in 1992 there were over 2,100 abortion clinics in America. Today, there are fewer than 600 abortion clinics. And while over 800,000 abortions annually is still an atrocious number of dead children, we must remember that every single baby saved matters.  In Judaism, if you save one life, you've saved an entire world.   Every life is precious and makes a difference.

The fact is that the number of abortions peaked at 1.6 million in 1990. Today, that number is cut by half. 

Pro-life pregnancy resource centers have proliferated throughout the United States offering abortion alternatives for women seeking their services. In December of 2017, reported that there were 2,700 pro-life clinics nationwide, compared to 739 abortion clinics. The number of pro-life pregnancy resource centers continue to grow giving pregnant women life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

In their current international pro-life prayer campaign, 40 Days For Life president and CEO Shawn Carney has reported saving 371 babies so farand as of this writing, the vigil is currently in day 36 and still underway. 40 Days For Life is doing amazing work to save unborn children and change people’s hearts and minds to become pro-life.

Finally, the commercial success of pro-life films like Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer and Unplanned have proven that when people have access to pro-life materials, information and education, they are willing to learn more about the Facts of Pro-life. 
In 2018 alone, 332,757 unborn children were murdered in Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States, much of it paid for with federal funding.   This was an increase over the prior year.   In 2017 in the United States, the annual number of babies killed at Planned Parenthood clinics was 321,384.  It is obvious why Planned Parenthood is adamant about continuing to receive our tax dollars.  Their primary source of revenue comes from the business of killing unborn children.    

The brutality of late-term abortions has been revealed in David Daleidon's undercover investigative footage exposing Planned Parenthood workers admitting they participate in the gruesome and illegal sale of aborted baby body parts.  

House Republicans held a hearing: End Infanticide: Examining the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.”  Medical professionals have given testimony that babies born alive after failed abortions are often left to die or killed after birth.  Despite these revelations, Democrats refuse to allow this bill to come to the floor for a vote.

Post-abortion syndrome and trauma are a tragedy for many women who have undergone abortions and suffer in silence, sometimes for decades.  Visit my video page, "I Regret My Abortion"  for a selection of videos of post-abortive women telling their stories, many of whom have remained silent for years.

Botched abortions are common and abortionists are not apprehended.   Operation Rescue maintains an archive of documented abortion patient death reports and they publish a searchable database, which as they state on the website "places documents such as health code violations, abortion injuries, malpractice claims, disciplinary action, and criminal conduct at the fingertips of the public."  

Abortion complications, both physical and psychological, can impair a woman's fertility and leave her with serious physical injuries.   The most dangerous complications are placenta previa and uterine perforation, which can lead to massive hemorrhaging and death.   Moreover, chemical abortions use a combination of two powerful drugs, mifeprex and misoprostol, that are dangerous and cause many women to experience excruciating cramping, massive bleeding and infection.   Holly Patterson was one of the first young women to die from chemical abortions.  (See our separate question below on chemical abortions and RU-486).

One of the most disturbing problems is that the abortion industry is 100% profit-motivated, with no concern for the welfare of minor children.   Many minor girls are targeted by adult males who impregnate them and bring them to abortion facilities, and the parents of these young girls know nothing about the crimes.  Many of these men are repeat offenders because these crimes go un-reported by the abortion industry workers.   In states without parental knowledge or consent laws, young girls are at risk of becoming victims.    Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics takes a inside look at this important issue in his expose  Child Predators project. has an ongoing investigation of he sex abuse cover-up at Planned Parenthood.

No.   Bernard Nathanson, who was one of the principal Founders of the National Association to Repeal Abortion Laws (NARAL) presided over 60,000 abortions and performed over 5,000 abortions himself, said they basically made up the statistics about women dying so abortion would be legalized.   Dr. Nathanson had a conversion to the pro-life side and wrote extensively on the deception involved by leaders in the pro-abortion movement.   Here is what he wrote in his book, "Aborting America:"

'How many deaths were we talking about when abortion was illegal? In
NARAL (National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws) we generally
emphasized the drama of the individual case, not the mass statistics, but
when we spoke of the latter it was always 5,000 to 10,000 a year. I
confess that I knew the figures were totally false, But in the "morality"
of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out
of our way to correct it with honest statistics?' The official figures of
maternal death due to illegal abortion before abortion was legalised was
160. Dr Nathanson estimates the actual figure to be around 500 maternal
deaths per year.'    (Bernard Nathanson, Richard Ostling. Aborting America.
Pinnacle Books. New York 1979.)

Dr. Nathanson's obituary in the BMJ revealed the extent of the lies:  

"We fed the public a line of deceit, dishonesty, a fabrication of
statistics and figures. We succeeded [in breaking down the laws limiting
abortions] because the time was right and the news media cooperated. We
sensationalized the effects of illegal abortions, and fabricated polls
which indicated that 85% of the public favoured unrestricted abortion,
when we knew it was only 5%. We unashamedly lied, and yet our statements
were quoted [by the media] as though they had been written in law."

Once Bernard Nathanson became pro-life, he later produced two films, "The Silent Scream" and "Eclipse of Reason" which show what abortion really does to the unborn child.

Starting in the 1940s deaths by abortion began to decline precipitously due to the advent of sulfa drugs and penicillin.   Maternal mortality continued to dramatically decline so that by 1960, In Mary S. Calderone, former Director of Planned Parenthood wrote the following:

"Abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure. This applies not just to therapeutic abortions as performed in hospitals but also to so-called illegal abortions as done by physician. In 1957 there were only 260 deaths in the whole country attributed to abortions of any kind…Second, and even more important, the conference [on abortion sponsored by Planned Parenthood] estimated that 90 percent of all illegal abortions are presently being done by physicians…Whatever trouble arises usually arises from self-induced abortions, which comprise approximately 8 percent, or with the very small percentage that go to some kind of non-medical abortionist…So remember…abortion, whether therapeutic or illegal, is in the main no longer dangerous, because it is being done well by physicians."

There were only 260 deaths in 1957, eleven years before Colorado became the first state to liberalize its abortion laws!   According to the National Center for Health Statistics, by 1966 there were a total of 120 maternal deaths in the U.S., and at this time abortion was still illegal.   Texas Right to Life reports on their Abortion Myths page that after legalization, maternal deaths actually increased.

Since abortion has been legal there has been underreporting of deaths, and the safety standards of clinics are abysmal.   When abortion was a crime, those responsible for killing women and babies were apprehended and put in prison.   Today, the death certificates are often falsified and causes of death covered up, so that the most dangerous abortionists remain in business.

For more facts about the dangers of legal abortion visit the pro-life portal:  The Abortion Files.   The chapters from Dr. Jack Wilke's  book, "Abortion Questions and Answers" can be found at this site, along with pro-life information taken from around the web.    Visit our Pro-Life Resources page for additional organizations as well as the following:
Life Dynamics
Life News
Operation Rescue

No.   In fact, there was a recent article in which reveals that since the abortion pill was approved, as of December 31, 2017, 22 women have died, 411 got infections and 1,041 have been hospitalized.   These are the most recent statistics from the FDA.    

In 2019, there have been repeated efforts to distribute the deadly drug combination mifepristone and misoprostol by mail order, in pharmacies and on college campuses by the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and their affiliates.  These are dangerous drugs that should never be administered without a medical doctor's supervision (in truth, they are so dangerous they should be illegal).  

Recently, PBS did a "touchy-feely" new-age documentary promoting RU-486 for a mother who used the drugs to kill her twins.   It is outrageous and pathetic that a publicly-funded station would present these drugs as if they are candy, to try to convince viewers that there is nothing harmful about these drugs.

The fact is that RU-486 abortions can even be more dangerous than clinic abortions. That is because it is not a "decision between a woman and her doctor" since the two drugs are taken at home by the pregnant woman or teen and she is not being monitored by a doctor at all. The pro-abortion forces are trying hard to make these dangerous drugs readily available on college campuses, in drugstores and on the internet. Keep in mind, too, that these drugs are being promoted by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice America for use by minor girls without their parents knowledge or permission.

We are making many positive strides in promoting the pro-life message.   Abortion rates are at their lowest in decades.   Most Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.   Operation Rescue reports in an Abortion Clinic Survey that 81% of surgical abortion clinics have closed since 1991, and that 81 abortion clinics closed or reduced services in 2015.   A more recent Operation Rescue survey published in December 2017 reports that 45% of states had at least one abortion facility closing its doors.   In total, 49 abortion facilities - 35 surgical and 14 medication only clinics - closed or halted abortion services.   Polls results vary depending upon how the questions are asked and the bias of the pollster.

Most clinic closings are due to serious health violations and unsanitary conditions.   Americans have seen David Daleidon’s videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the illegal sale of baby body parts. Most Americans are shocked and dismayed to see clinic personnel casually discussing the dismemberment of babies over lunch, and even joking about it.

A 2015 poll published on shows that 60% of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong, and 84% of respondents that they would restrict abortion to the first trimester.   In a 2014 Pew Research Study poll, 53% of Americans stated that abortion should be legal in all or most cases and a Gallup poll showed similar results. Disparities in polls and surveys need to be examined and explored in more detail. Much of survey results can be skewed due to the way questions are asked. Still, it is not encouraging that so many Americans would still keep abortion legal in the first trimester even though they believe it is morally wrong. Pro-lifers have to keep up a strong message for banning all abortion, from the moment of fertilization onward.
Our hope is with the young people.   The millennials today are becoming more and more pro-life.   This was evidenced by the huge turnout of young supporters at the 2018 March for Life on Washington.   It is inspiring and encouraging to see all the high school and college groups that showed up, and this is good news for the future of the pro-life movement.   While most millennials are liberal on other issues, when it comes to abortion they want to see significant restrictions.   This is a growing positive trend that is not covered by the mainstream media.   
We need to educate voters on why it is vitally important to choose strong, pro-life candidates with proven pro-life records.   It is easy to find out how candidates vote on abortion.   The National Right to Life Political Action Committee publishes the pro-life voting records of candidates in all 50 states.  The states with important elections for November 2018 are updated.

Pro-life groups need to unite and stand behind the enactment of a Human Life Amendment that would guarantee equal rights and protection of the law to preborn children from conception to birth, and call for a reversal of the terrible Roe v. Wade decision that has cost so many babies their lives.   By the way, it is not only babies whose lives are being lost.   Women are being killed and injured by abortionists who are repeat offenders.   Most Americans are not even aware of the abortion deaths that go undocumented, and the laws passed to make abortion more risky for women.

In 2017, there were eight incidents where ambulances had to transport injured women from the  Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger abortion mill in New York City.   Operation Rescue reported 57 medical emergencies requiring ambulance transports in 2017, and 35 of those were at Planned Parenthood clinics.   Operation Rescue President Troy Newman states:

“This incident only adds to the bloody legacy of Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, which is measured in dead babies, and maimed or dead women from predominately poor minority neighborhoods,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We have no idea how many of these eight women even survived their abortion injuries – and Planned Parenthood doesn’t want anyone to know, either. The shroud of secrecy they enjoy, with the help of state authorities, just serves to enable further abuses.”

Some pro-life groups and politicians support abortion restrictions, but will not stand behind a reversal of Roe v. Wade.   As an example, Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) signed into law a ban on all abortions after 20 weeks.   However, Gov. Kasich vetoed a measure known as the "Heartbeat Bill" which would have banned abortion at six weeks, the time after which the fetal heartbeat is detected.    

America is in moral decline and the mainstream media is allied with the abortion industry, not reporting the truth about how Americans feel about abortion.    When polls show a majority of participants stating they are increasingly pro-life and would like to see abortion restrictions enacted, the mainstream media suppresses the results.   If we want real positive change, then pro-lifers need express clearly what being pro-life really means.   The humanity of preborn children is not up for debate.   Life is precious in all its ages and stages, from the moment of conception until natural death.   
The theme at the March for Life 2019 was "Pro-life is Pro-Science.   Throughout the event, scientific facts about the development of life in the womb were provided.   Here are some important key facts about fetal development:

  • A unique set of DNA is present at fertilization.
  • Fetal heartbeat begins during week 3.
  • Brain activity begins during week 6.
  • The tongue and vocal cords begin to form during week 6.
  • By week 7, every essential organ has begun to form.
  • Distinct fingers and toes are visible during week 8.
  • Reflexes and nerve cells develop during week 12.
  • During week 13, arms and legs have bendable joints.
  • Female babies have more than two million eggs in their ovaries by week 13.
  • At week 15, the baby can inhale and exhale amniotic fluid.
The fact that from the moment of conception a unique set of DNA is present that is distinct from both parents means that is when life begins.   And science goes much further.   High resolutions ultrasounds with 3D and 4D technology provide a complete picture of the baby's growth and development, and this technology is improving and providing more information about the unborn child as pregnancy progresses.   There is new research into fetal movements and what they mean, and they are not just random motions.   As reported in Live Science, a recent research study indicates that when pre-born babies begin to kick, these movements may enable them to construct a mental map of their bodies, preparing them for life once they are born.