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Over  500,000 Pro-Life People Will March for Life, 50 Times More Than the Pro-Abortion Women’s March - NEW!

Breaking:  Majority of Americans would vote for candidates who back abortion restrictions: new pollNEW!

Breaking:  Pro-lifers arrested at Pelosi's office protesting her defense of infanticide - NEW!

Analysis funded by abortion insiders and based on debunked study claims women don’t regret abortion 

A Flawed Study Claims that Few Women Regret Abortion 

Planned Parenthood Will Spend $45 Million to Elect Radical Abortion Activists Nationwide   

10th Texas City Bans Abortion, Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn” 

61,628,584 Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 

143 Abortion Clinics Kill Babies in Late-Term Abortions, Some Kill Babies Up to Birth 

Massachusetts Bill Creates an Unlimited Right to Kill Babies In Abortions Up to Birth 

Pro-abortion South Carolina lawmaker wants pregnant women compensated as 'gestational surrogates' of the state 

Pastor: Contrary to poll, most Bible-believing blacks oppose abortion

Advocates want Democratic presidential candidates to support making chemical abortions available over the counter

Louisiana Democrat Explains Why She's Defending a Pro-Life Law Before the Supreme Court

Washington D.C. City Council Proposes Law Forcing Pro-Life Groups to Hire Abortionists

Pro-Life Victory:  Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to an Ultrasound Law

Trump Ends Liberal Domination of 9th Circuit Appeals Court As Senate Confirms Lawrence VanDyke

One-Third of All Abortion Clinics Have Closed in the Last 5 Years, Saving Babies From Abortions

BREAKING: Jury rules against Daleidon, pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood's sale of baby body parts 

Jury Forces David Daleidon to Pay Planned Parenthood $870,000 for Exposing Its Aborted Baby Part Sales 

Liberal judge unjustly rules against pro-life journalist 

WATCH:  Woman Rebukes Pro-Abortion Democrats: You Support “Tearing a Child Apart Limb By Limb”      

 Pro-life Matt Bevin concedes governor's race to pro-abortion Andy Beshear

In court:  Planned Parenthood lawyers admit employees’ words in undercover videos were real    

Tate Reeves Wins Mississippi Governor Race: “I’ll Make Mississippi the Safest Place for an Unborn Child” 

New York Times Article Misleads on Delaware’s Abortion-Rate Decline

US abortion rate has been cut in half since 1980 because of pro-life efforts: Researcher 

Daleiden case takes positive turn with jury allowed to watch network TV’s Planned Parenthood expose 

Court testimony: Consultant said finding abortionist who risks born-alive infants best way to get body parts 

Media Mislead on Study about Self-Induced Abortion -

Almost 900 abortion centers lose federal funding thanks to Trump rule: report

Six Cities Become “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” and Ban Killing Babies in Abortions   


Pro-life House leaders hold press conference condemning Senate Dems for killing the Born-Alive Legislation 

Babies have accidentally survived abortions for decades.  Here's proof. 

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Kolbuchar Voted for Infanticide 

Trump Slams Democrats for Blocking Bill to Stop Infanticide:  "They Don't Mind Executing Babies After Birth" 

Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act Fails In The Senate - New!

It's not just New York:  Here are more states with barbaric abortion laws

New Mexico House Passes Bill to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth 

Virginia Democrat admits bill allows for abortion...even during labor

New York State Declares War on Life 

New York Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Judaism and Abortion:

Is a Jew Allowed To Vote Democrat in 2020? 

Abortion and Universal Torah

Their Blood Cries Out 

Israel and the Unborn:  Nationhood and First Principles

Opinion: 'America's Noahide Moment'

A calm insistence that an hysterically pro-abortion USA Today story make at least an attempt at balance

Not Only Catholics Should Oppose a Court-Ordered Abortion in Britain

Abortion in the Holy Land

Embrace Ancient Wisdom, Not Modern Politics

Fewer Israeli Women Having Abortions 

The Jewish Position On Abortion Isn’t What You Think It Is 

Working for Life in Israel -  L'Chaim (To Life!) 

Abortion and the Igros Moshe - An analysis of key arguments made by Rav Moshe Feinstein in defense of life!

On categorical mistakes: A response to Rabbi Elli Fischer on abortion 

Yes, Judaism Is Pro-Life | Daily Wire

America's Real Problem

Israel's abortion rate falls as birth control, traditional mores rise

Baruch Hashem for Jewish Babies!

‘You Murder the Children’: Rav Soloveitchik on Abortion

2 Top Orthodox Rabbis Score 'Blanket' Abortion Permission (NY Times, July 11, 1970)

Orthodox Rabbis Rebuke Jews Who Back Permissive Abortion (NY Times, Jan.28, 1976)

Chief Rabbis of Israel:  Abortion in Israel is “a real epidemic, as tens of thousands of Jewish souls are being lost each year”

American Jews - Not Just the Orthodox - Should Join Christians In Defending Religious Liberty

Abortion in Israel: Legal Until Birth

Don Feder:  The View From Sinai - A Jewish Perspective on Abortion

Jewish pro-life activist Medved says children are ‘a gift, not a choice’

Israeli Doctor Exposes Nazi Abortion Program

Abortion Facts and Statistics:

Good news for pro-lifers:  US abortion rate continues downward trend, CDC report claimsNEW!

Abortions have dropped 50 percent since 1980, reveals new CDC report - NEW!

State Abortion Statistics

U.S. Abortion Statistics

Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed

Facts and Figures Relating to the Frequency of Abortion in the United States

What Planned Parenthood Really Does:

Planned Parenthood’s past decade:  Three million abortions and billions of excess dollars - NEW!  

Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Record High Abortions and Taxpayer Funding - NEW!

Why does Planned Parenthood keep getting more taxpayer funding? Here’s the answer. - NEW!

BREAKING:  Latest Planned Parenthood annual report reveals record-breaking abortions and taxpayer dollars - NEW!

Planned Parenthood Admits in Court That It Sold Body Parts From Aborted Babies 

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic is So Bad It’s Called 911 72 Times After Botching Abortions 

Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Sends 15th Woman to Hospital in 26 Months - New!

WATCH:  Planned Parenthood Supporter Brutally Assaults Elderly Pro-Life Volunteer

Planned Parenthood sues to allow non-doctors to commit abortions

Planned Parenthood pours tens of millions into 2018 midterm elections 

The Real Planned Parenthood: Leading the Culture of Death 2018 Edition

Aiding Abusers: Planned Parenthood's coverup of child sex abuse 

Abortions at Planned Parenthood Increase 142% Even Though Abortions Decline Nationwide

How Planned Parenthood’s first abortion center went from ‘pregnancy detection’ to abortion

Past Planned Parenthood president instrumental in pushing to decriminalize abortion

How Planned Parenthood Profits from Fetal Tissue “Donation”

Planned Parenthood’s latest ploy to promote youth abortions: VR technology

Abortion History:   

A brief history of the American pro-life movement

Abortion on Conservapedia

How many women really died from illegal abortion prior to Roe v. Wade?

How Cosmopolitan and the feminist movement became unlikely allies

Pro-Life articles:

Early Feminists Were Right About Unborn Human Life

Mom Rejects Aborting Daughter Who is One of 13 People in the World With This Rare Condition

‘My Life Was a Miracle’: The Journey of an Abortion Survivor

My New Year's Dream - A Nation United for Life

Supreme Court Rejects Planned Parenthood Challenge to Arkansas Pro-Life Law That Could Close Two Abortion Clinics 

Iowa governor signs bill banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected

Thousands Gather for Record-Breaking London March for Life

Iowa legislature passes bill to ban all abortions after an unborn baby's heartbeat begins

Why pro-life feminism is more important now than ever

Mom of girl with Down syndrome: Mia is ‘a different kind of perfect’

Pro-Life Groups Endorse Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Three Pro-Life Congressmen

The Dangers of Legal Abortion

LISTEN:  Woman Hemorrhaged  Half Gallon of Blood During Botched Abortion, Clinic Delays Calling 911 

Abortion Clinic Botches Abortion, Calls 911 for Ambulance When Woman Hemorrhages 

As politicians applaud abortion, more women are injured by late term facility 

Butcher of Bellevue Strikes Again, But This Time, Public Recording of the Abortion Emergency is Blank

Abortionist faces 15 years for killing woman in botched legal 26-week abortion

Abortionist on trial after woman bled to death from late-term abortion

Pro-abortion Violence:

Teen Who Killed Pregnant Girlfriend, Unborn Baby Because She Didn’t Have Abortion Gets 65 Years in Prison

Teen girl and her 6 Month-Old Unborn Baby Murdered Because She Refused to Have Abortion 


Geriatric Doctor Rabbi Yosef Glassman Still Fighting NJ's Right-to-Die Law 

Of Vincent Lambert and Ethical Rubicons

Supreme Court:

President Trump Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion - NEW!

It's Official: Judge Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed To Supreme Court After Hellacious Nomination Battle

After tumultuous Kavanaugh hearing, swing-vote senators weigh judge's fate: 'It's a tough one' 

Dramatic testimony from Kavanaugh, Ford included outrage, emotion, history 

Kavanaugh Rips Democrats: “You’ve Destroyed My Family” But “I Will Not be Intimated Into Withdrawing” 

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