15 Mar

“The freedom of parents to crush prenatal life, which now seems to be in vogue, will eventually lead to utter destruction,” Rabbi Norman Lamm stated in 1970, “because it is only a small leap of logic from feoticide to infanticide, to getting rid of infants who may not fulfill our ideals of mental and physical health, or, eventually, ethnic and genetic respectability.”

Rabbi Lamm reiterated those themes in a sermon from 1976
: “Never, never, must we allow this desacralization of life — whether in the form of benevolent euthanasia or free and easy abortions … or any of the other manifestations of this fundamental antagonism to life — to influence us.”

(Source: Ben Shapiro's comments about Rabbi Lamm's pro-life position. Quoted in "Judaism and the Unborn: Which Stance is the Right Stance?" by Myles Kantor, The Daily Caller, July 18,2018.)

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