27 Jan

On July 11, 1970, the New York Times published comments by two rabbinical leaders regarding the New York State abortion law:    

"The two top leaders of Orthodox Judaism in this country issued a joint statement yesterday condemning "indiscriminate and blanket" abortions:"

“In Judaism, the life of an unborn child is sacred and only when it is a threat to the mother can the moral issue of abortion be resolved.  For each person to decide arbitrarily, on the basis of economics or convenience, whether a fetus is to survive is literally for man to play G-d and is religiously blasphemous and socially destructive.”   

"The joint statement declared that no woman was the "final arbiter about the disposition of her body and the embryonic human life flourishing therein." 

"Doctors, too," the statement insisted, "must face up to the moral dilemma: whether they can play havoc with the basic worth and dignity of;life when they freely perform abortions.

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