David Daleiden Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Judgment Against Him for Exposing Planned Parenthood

North Carolina bans abortion at 12 weeks after Republican lawmakers override governor’s veto

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Pro-Life News: 

Female OBGYNs debunk abortion myths during Senate hearing

Lone Republican flips, kills Nebraska bill that would have banned abortion at six weeks

Infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart dies

More cities introduce pro-abortion measures, funnel millions in taxpayer dollars to abortion providers

Fact Sheet: Reasons for Abortion

REPORT: Abortions for most common ‘exceptions’ remain a tiny fraction of total

Allentown city proposal targets pregnancy centers while deprioritizing abortion investigations

BioTech firm plans to create human embryos from stem cells… to harvest their organs

OBGYN Says She’s Never Needed to Do an Abortion to Save the Life of the Mother

Politicians turn blind eye to years of abortion industry abuses, target pregnancy centers instead

Mother-daughter duo arrested in Nebraska for death of preborn baby at 6 months

DeSantis’ office assures further protections for the unborn, rebukes media claims of abortion silence

What To Expect Now That Roe v. Wade Is Gone

National Right to Life News - Roe Overturned

New poll shows most Americans believe preborn children have rights

Abortions Have Dropped 50% From Their Record Highs, Overturning Roe Will Save More Babies

Liberal Media Shows Ignore Attempted Assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, Spend 1 Hour on January 6

NYC theater cancels pro-life play about Kermit Gosnell, could face lawsuit from producer

OBGYN Who Has Practiced for 31 Years: Unborn Babies are Human Beings With Beating Hearts

Will Maryland’s ‘personally pro-life’ governor sign bill massively expanding abortion?

40 Pro-Life Groups Sign Letter Blasting Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Radical Pro-Abortion Record

Banking giant Citigroup will help employees get abortions by paying for travel, hotel rooms

Why is Killing People After Birth Wrong But Killing People Before Birth a “Right?”

House Democrats Pass Spending Bill Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

New York Times Falsely Claims Unborn Babies’ Hearts Aren’t Really Beating

Biden-Harris administration launches task force to ‘protect and bolster’ abortion

Pro-Life Advocates Win Settlement After City Arrested Them for Praying Outside Abortion Center

 Poll: Most Americans want significant abortion restrictions, oppose abortion pills by mail

 Thousands protest abortion as 49th annual March for Life returns in-person

“If People Don’t Have More Children, Civilization is Going to Crumble.”

New Poll Shows 61% of Americans Want Abortions Illegal or Roe v. Wade Overturned

Report slamming pregnancy centers as a ‘public health danger’ is lacking in facts

New Hampshire abortionists seek $1 million in taxpayer funds, get rejected three times

Antifa Radicals Harass Pro-Life People at March for Life in Chicago, Call Them Fascists

More Than 3,000 Babies Have Been Saved From Abortions After the Abortion Has Already Begun

Supreme Court:

National Right to Life on the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Regarding the Abortion Drug Mifepristone

The media ignores the assassination attempt of Justice Kavanaugh

After leaked SCOTUS opinion, dozens protest outside homes of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts

The Leftist Campaign Attacking Justice Clarence Thomas is About Keeping Abortions Legal

Conservative Attorneys Defend Justice Clarence Thomas, He Doesn’t Have to Recuse Himself From Anything

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson grilled by senator on when life begins: ‘I don’t know’

SCOTUS Blog - Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization

Who could replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer? 

Law Professor: Precedent Doesn’t Matter, Supreme Court Can Overturn Roe v. Wade

Pro-abortion Violence:

Pro-Life Group Whose Office Was Firebombed Hasn’t Heard From FBI Since May

FBI Arrests 11 Peaceful Pro-Life Advocates, Ignores 156 Attacks on Churches and Pregnancy Centers

Wedding photographer convicted of capital murder for brutally killing pregnant mom and 34-week baby

Pregnant Woman Killed Because She Refused to Have Abortion

Pro-Abortion Extremists Vandalize Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center That Helps Women

Pregnancy Center That Abortion Activists Firebombed Will Reopen This Week to Save Babies

House Democrats unanimously block resolution condemning attacks on churches, pregnancy centers

19 Attorneys General Blast Merrick Garland for Doing Nothing to Stop Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorism

Congressional Republicans urge FBI to classify pro-abortion Jane’s Revenge as ‘domestic terrorists’

Abortion Activists Have Committed 29 Acts of Arson and Vandalism Since SCOTUS Overturned Roe

Radical Abortion Activists Tried to Firebomb This Pregnancy Center, Thank God They Failed

Leftists Firebomb Pregnancy Centers and Burn Churches to the Ground, Media Calls Them “Mostly Peaceful”

The Attacks on Crisis-Pregnancy Centers

Faith leaders, members of Congress demand US AG respond to acts of pro-abortion terrorism

Radical Pro-Abortion Group That Firebombed Pro-Life Office Vandalizes Four More Churches

Abortion Activists Vandalize Mississippi Church as Pro-Abortion Violence Continues Nationwide

Pro-Abortion Group Says It Firebombed Pro-Life Office, Promises More Violence Nationwide: “Our Last Warning”

Two pregnancy resource centers vandalized with pro-abortion messages in Texas city

Tucker: This is about attacking Christianity

Abortion clinic owner charged with assault after video shows she almost hit pro-lifers with car

Female Nebraska senator receives rape and death threats over heartbeat legislation

Pro-Life Leader Gets Death Threats After Planned Parenthood Doxxing: “Die! You Should Have Been Aborted!”

Down Syndrome:

American Academy of Pediatrics Tells Doctors to Congratulate Parents of Babies With Down Syndrome, Don’t Apologize

Idaho bill provides real help for parents after a Down syndrome diagnosis

World Down Syndrome Day: Fox & Friends talks WV legislation, welcomes host’s daughter with Down syndrome

Doctors Pressured Mom So Hard to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome She Felt Suicidal. But She Refused

Woman encouraged to abandon daughter with Down syndrome at the hospital

Chemical Abortion:

The FDA and the abortion pill: A timeline of key events

Four Doctors Groups Tell Federal Court to Pull Abortion Pill From Market, It’s Dangerous for Women

Abortion industry’s push for same-day abortion pill protocol is risky… and isn’t FDA-approved

Pro-Life Doctors Fight Biden’s Plan to Promote Dangerous Abortion Pills That Kill Babies and Hurt Women

Abortion pill skyrockets to nearly 70% of all abortions in Colorado

REPORT: Majority of abortions in US now done by abortion pill

Pray for this pro-life doctor facing a lawsuit for helping women with abortion pill reversal

As UMass plans to dispense abortion pills this fall, what might the fallout be?

As U.S. FDA loosens abortion pill regulations, India warns of self-managed abortion dangers

Abortion Regret:

Pro-Abortion Crowd Silences Women Who Regret Them

People who regret past abortions aren’t hypocrites – they’re people who learned the truth

The biggest regret of my entire life’: Elderly woman still suffers pain of abortion regret three decades later



Ted Cruz asks DC to conduct autopsy on remains of 5 unborn fetuses found in home near Capitol

Aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide after attempted abortions

Maryland Bill Would Legalize Infanticide, Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 28 Days After Birth

Documents from New Mexico facility reveal dozens of late-term, healthy babies aborted daily

Judaism and Abortion:

The Torah on Unborn Children

Lessons from a Failed Rally

Spouting Off, 5/20/22 Is abortion ‘kosher?” (No!)


Why Reversal of Roe v. Wade is Welcome

Halacha is not pro-choice - opinion

The Torah is Unequivocally Pro-life

The American Spectator: On Abortions and Understanding the Orthodox Jewish Sabbath — the Core Judaic Experience

‘Whose religious freedom?’: Scenes from a Jewish rally for abortion rights

On the Supreme Court docket, a Jewish pro-life group gets a Christian megaphone

Judaism Is Anti-Abortion. But Not the National Council of Jewish Women

Israel's Chief Rabbis issue condemnation of abortion 

Unborn Human Life:

Meet Baby Olivia | A Never Before Seen Look At Human Life In The Womb

Abortion and Racism:

If Joe Biden really supported black women, he’d protect their babies from abortion

Margaret Sanger Wanted to “Exterminate” Black People, Planned Parenthood is Still Doing That

Baby Body Parts:

Complaint against Stanford University alleges aborted babies’ fingers were used in humanized mice

Pro-Life Reports:

Fetal Pain, Following the Evidence

Abortion Facts and Statistics:

Report: U.S. abortions appear to be increasing after years of decline

What Planned Parenthood Really Does:

Court ruling forces New York town to allow Planned Parenthood to open

Planned Parenthood abortions and taxpayer dollars rise to highest ever recorded

Planned Parenthood Staffer Conceals Severity of Botched Abortion in 911 Call

Lawsuit against pro-life journalists continues with oral arguments at Ninth Circuit

Planned Parenthood Kills More Black People Than Anyone Else

Planned Parenthood Leader Arrested, Stopped From Blocking Vote on Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions

Planned Parenthood Caught Illegally Dumping Aborted Baby Parts and Medical Waste

Abortion History:  

Why did Roe v. Wade decision define ‘viability’ at a later gestation than medical experts?

Abortion is Unconstitutional

Pro-Life Human Interest articles:

41 Years Ago My Mother Walked Out of An Abortion Clinic and Saved My Life

Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Goes Home After Seven Months in NICU

Tim Tebow Hosts Night to Shine for People With Special Needs to Celebrate Their “God-Given Worth”

Woman meets daughter taken from her 42 years ago: ‘You are loved so much’


The Dangers of Legal Abortion:

Planned Parenthood Clinic Injures 3 Women in 3 Days in Botched Abortions

Late abortion procedure botched in Denver, sending victim to the emergency room

Abortionist’s medical license suspended after severely injuring three women

Late-Term Abortionist Injures Woman So Badly in Abortion She Codes, Clinic Releases Her Anyway

Woman Injured So Badly in Botched Abortion She Needed an Emergency Hysterectomy


Belgium Euthanizes Over 50 Mentally Ill People

Belgium is Euthanizing People Just Because They Have Mental Health Problems

Pro-Life COVID-19 News:

To Save Ourselves From COVID, We’re Sacrificing Children, Part 2: “Humanized” Mice and the Birth of COVID

California Bill Would Allow State to Vaccinate Kids Without Parental Consent

 COVID-19 Policies Are Hurting Kids More Than Virus Itself

COVID’s America: Fewer Births & More Abortions

"Pro-Choice"  Moms 

Has anyone noticed that there are pregnant women and new moms whose minds should be on their children, but becoming mothers made them obsessed with expanding abortion laws?

This category highlights this odd phenomenon.

Abortion is the exertion of power over the vulnerable, and one pro-choice mom just proved it.

Having a Baby Has Only Made Me More Pro-Choice

6 Pregnant Women Wore Their Politics On Their Bodies For Pro-Choice Maternity Shoot

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