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On May 11th 2023, the Lozier Institute published the findings of a recent peer reviewed survey of women who previously had one or more abortions. Results show that most women are not freely choosing an abortion as many abortion advocates claim, or they are pressured into the abortion decision.

The survey relied on an initial population of 1,000 women that were U.S. residents, and all the women were between the ages of 41-45.  Of the 1,000 women who responded and completed the survey, 226 women had a history of one or more abortions. The age selection represents women who were nearing the end of their reproductive years.

The results of the survey disclosed that 43% of the respondents regretted their abortions because the act was contrary to their values and preferences.   Another 24% of these women stated that they were forced (coerced) into having an unwanted abortion.

What stands out regarding this study is that the participants are older and nearing the end of their childbearing years.  Despite the passage of time, a high percentage of women still recalled that the abortions were not what they wanted.   In fact, 60% of the respondents stated that they would have chosen to have their babies had they been given the emotional and financial support they needed.

Because the population of women in this Lozier Institute study were in their mid-forties, that means they already had many decades to process their emotions around their abortion decisions.  These women had unwanted abortions.

That such a large percentage of women made abortion decisions against their personal values is troubling. An abortion is a serious and life-changing decision.  The decision is made quickly, not giving the pregnant woman enough time to process what the repercussions could be years down the road.

Many pregnant women are conflicted and make their abortion decision on the day they show up for the abortion where a hired “counselor” who is there to sell abortions does not provide life-affirming alternatives that would be helpful to the woman. Abortionists routinely use predatory tactics against vulnerable pregnant women and girls, not showing them ultrasound images for fear she might change her mind once she sees her unborn child.

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Article cited:

Reardon D C, Rafferty K A, Longbons T (May 11, 2023) The Effects of Abortion Decision Rightness and Decision Type on Women’s Satisfaction and Mental Health. Cureus 15(5): e38882. doi:10.7759/cureus.38882

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