16 Oct

Message from Bonnie Chernin on the lawsuit against the Kentucky pro-life law, and the Jewish Life League response to the complaint:

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil.

(Isaiah 5:20)

The three plaintiffs in this lawsuit are women who have undergone IVF.   However, this lawsuit has little to do with their personal circumstances no matter what they say, and everything to do with promoting an unlimited "right" to baby killing in Kentucky.   The goal is to mandate abortion in every state, and perverting Jewish law to reach that goal.   They are voicing their abortion zealotry and promoting their opinions as Jewish law to undermine state laws that protect unborn children.   This flies in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and took the issue back to the states.

Moreover, the complaint does not address modern science, fetal medicine and advanced fetal technology which proves that unborn children are human persons, not "blastocytes."

The people and groups involved in these lawsuits are evil.   There is no other word for it.   

To use The Holocaust to defend the killing of unborn children is the most twisted, deranged, evil and preposterous tactic, to say the least. Abortion has killed millions of Jews both here and in Israel.   This amounts to a tragic loss in life, and in future generations of Jews, which is exactly what the Nazis would have wanted.   

Abortion has killed over 64 million unborn children in America, and 1.6 billion worldwide.   Abortion also specifically targets disabled and African-American children for destruction.

Numbers 96 and 97 of the complaint:

96. Procreation has a special place in Jewish law, thought, and tradition. While all Abrahamic religions value the divine injunction to “Be fruitful and multiply,” Jewish births are of special significance to Jewish people today because of the genocide they suffered during the Holocaust, which destroyed much of world Jewry.

97. There are fewer Jews alive today than before the Holocaust in 1939, despite the massive growth in global population.

The complaint ignores the countless Jewish children killed by abortion, over two million in Israel alone.   Many of these women have gone on to have other children and still feel the loss of the missing aborted child and the lost future generations of Jews that are not here today.   Other aborted women have had no children, with the aborted child being their only chance at motherhood.  

The complaint quotes Parshat Bereishit, which clearly states that G-d blesses us and it is a mitzvah to have children.   But not if that means killing children in the process.  

Deuteronomy 30:19:

This day, I call upon the heaven and the earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live.

The Guttmacher Institute does not currently publish abortion rates among Jewish women in America, ostensibly because proportion of the population of Jewish women is small.   However, in 1996, Family Planning Perspectives published an article:  "Abortion Patients in 1994-1995:  Characteristics and Contraceptive Use," by Stanley K. Henshaw and Kathryn Kost.   Table 1 indicates data from the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research and breaks down the Percentage distribution of U.S. abortion patients.   At that time, Jewish women accounted for 1.3% of abortion patients.   With over one million abortions per year at that time, that would amount to approximately 15,600 unborn Jewish babies killed by abortion in that one year alone.  

The tragic fact is, abortion has meant genocide for American Jews.

The complaint is filled with pro-abortion language such as "pregnant birth givers" (not women) and "fetal cardiac activity" (not heartbeat) and "blastocytes" (not unborn children) to diminish the lives of these unborn children and to deny that biologically, only women can give birth.  

The complaint singles out for criticism evangelical Christians, who are the best friends Israel has ever had.    They attack every religious denomination to try to show that abortion is a religious value.   The outcome of these attacks has the potential to cause a rise in anti-Semitism.

The complaint ignores the countless Jewish children killed by abortion, over two million in Israel alone.  

The complaint ignores the countless Jewish women who have had abortions, regret the choice, and suffer in silence.

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot begins at sunset.   I will have more to say about this in a future post.

1Henshaw, Stanley K., and Kathryn Kost. “Abortion Patients in 1994-1995: Characteristics and Contraceptive Use.” Family Planning Perspectives, vol. 28, no. 4, 1996, pp. 140–58. JSTOR, https://doi.org/10.2307/2136189. Accessed 16 Oct. 2022.

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