10 May

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

It's said that mothers have the hardest job, and the most rewarding.   Being a mother involves love, honor, wisdom,  trust, patience, inner strength, gratitude, curiosity, support, forgiveness, tolerance, leadership, good humor, good judgment, education and dedication.   Most of all it means setting the best example for a child, realizing their potential by providing them with a safe environment and challenging experiences.  Good mothers know their efforts are rewarded every day, not just on Mothers Day.    It's harder than any CEO position at a firm, and yet mothers are not always given the credit or appreciation they deserve.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it should be a day for Moms to get out there and celebrate. It is a day to pay tribute to mothers everywhere with gifts, bouquets of roses, chocolates and a fine dinner out with the family. The best Moms face a daily challenge, trying to maintain a balance between work and home life. Moms deserve to be acknowledged for the love and dedication they give to their children.

There are many mothers who do not have children.   It is still a day to celebrate and inspire the lives of others  lives of others to be the best they can be.  You achieve your greatness every day, offering your unique knowledge, wisdom and service to others, helping them along their journey. That is an accomplishment.  We are all mothers.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL women everywhere.

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