12 Jan

by Alice Lemos

January 7th 2021

The lockdowns have killed restaurants, dance studios, yoga studios, gyms, jobs and the elderly – especially the elderly who were callously shoved into nursing homes where they died alone, unattended and isolated.  And now that the vaccines are available Cuomo is, oddly enough, willing to kill even more people.  The vaccinations are going unused because of what Big Government does best:  make countless rules, regulations and restrictions.  New York City apparently cannot vaccinate those people in Phase 1B (people over the age of 75) – until the state permits it.  Only 30% of available doses have been used so far.  Here is a novel idea:  allow pharmacies to give the vaccine on a first-come-first-serve basis with special time slots given out to the elderly and disabled.  People are willing to stand in line for the latest I-Phone – they will stand in line for a vaccine if necessary.  But then again, Cuomo – who does not care very much for babies in the womb- does not care very much for the elderly either.  He did, however, give away his Bills tickets after an online petition went viral.

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