06 May

After what happened to Jaime Lee Morales, abortionist Robert Rho should have spent many years in prison.

He will get prison time and he has surrendered his license to practice medicine, if one wants to call killing unborn babies “medicine.”   Because Rho accepted the guilty plea of criminally negligent homicide, it will mean he won’t serve enough time in jail.   It is hard to believe that with all the evidence against him, there was a delay with the jury deliberations or why they did not immediately return with a guilty verdict for second-degree manslaughter.   When the jury did return with a verdict, it was minutes too late. Rho had already accepted the plea bargain.  

It is doubtful the jury’s verdict will ever be known.   Rho will be punished with the lesser charge, and he got off easy. 

Details emerged during the trial regarding the extent of Jaime Morales’ internal injuries, and they are horrible.  Her vagina was deeply cut, her cervix lacerated and her uterine artery was ripped.   As Morales bled to death, Rho sent her home without calling an ambulance.

In our view, a back alley butcher could do a better job.   The fact that it is reported  that Rho has done 40,000 abortions makes it worse.   That means Rho is very experienced at committing abortions.   So why did this woman die?

What Jaime Morales endured at the hands of Rho during these “procedures” is horrible.   Rho committed the second procedure and she received no anesthesia.   Rho strapped Ms. Morales down and told her: “Bear the pain.  I can’t give you any more anesthesia.”

Ms. Morales bled to death.   Rho charged Ms. Morales $6,000 for the late term dismemberment abortion that killed her.   Rho lives in Lake Success, which is a wealthy enclave in Great Neck, NY. 

Abortion is not an altruistic enterprise.   Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report showed an income of $1.46 billion.   Under Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards’ leadership this “non-profit” committed over 320,000 abortions per year.   The facts about Planned Parenthood’s annual report and a breakdown of the numbers, can be found in this article from The Hill.

Where is this feminist icon and former Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards, and other Richards admirers like Gloria Steinem, after a woman dies from a botched abortion?   Nowhere.

Planned Parenthood could have taken this opportunity to issue a public statement expressing condolences to the family of the woman who died, and outrage at the callous indifference and incompetence of the abortionist who killed her.   But why would they?   The ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky to overturn a law hat would make abortions safer.

Micaiah Bilger writes in a LifeNews.com article that government officials routinely inspect everything from restaurants and nail salons.  

Why not abortion clinics that perform surgery on women?

LifeNews.com explains that the Indiana law would protect women:   “The law requires annual inspections of abortion facilities and increases reporting requirements when patients experience complications from an abortion. It also includes language to help ensure abortion facilities are reporting suspected abuse, whether by a partner, parent or human trafficker.”

What is the problem with enforcing sane and reasonable requirements?  Nothing, except that it encumbers a billion dollar industry of abortion profits.   Planned Parenthood considers any provisions to inspect abortion mills an “undue burden” on women. 

“Once again, Indiana politicians are barging into the examining room with irrational demands and intrusive requirements,” executive director of ACLU Indiana Jane Henegar said.

Tell that to the family of Jaime Morales. 

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