24 Aug

Civilization depends on women not only from a perspective of child bearing mothers. But since men are sometimes prone to confusion as to whether to start a war or pursue peace. They need women to tell them. No, choose peace.

If women train themselves to behave with cruelty to their own children. That society is heading towards doom. A criminal could say, if a woman can kill her own baby, why can't I get rid of that guy over there. How is mere theft even wrong?   It began with lost morality and brought about corruption of ethics as well.    The severe moral consequences of legalized abortion by whim, is too devastating for society to bear. All that is wrong in our society, even in the extent of the lack of justice in our cities, is all tied to this. We have encouraged our daughters to be just as cruel as a man. So why admonish a man who follows his own lifestyle choices? That is the antithesis of liberation of women. It is nullification of who they are born to be. Ignoring the Divinely ordained power within her.

Remember the 4th chapter of Lamentations. The Fall of Jerusalem only occurred after a siege crazed mother fearful for her starving children, took her baby who died of starvation and fed it to her other children, hoping that they too would not starve to death. She did not even slay her child, just incidentally disrepected it's life that should have ended in an honorable burial. Yet the prophet mourns her degradation as an ultimate symbol of the suffering during the destruction of Jerusalem. 

"The hands of compassionate women boiled their own children; they have become their food in the destruction of the daughter of my people."

If a complication in pregnancy brings the death of that fetus, that is a horrible consequence that must be endured. But the death of a fetus cannot be a choice by humans. Our souls cannot bear it.

From a Torah perspective, the role of men is as supporters of society. While women are society. But that depends on them being compassionate women. Or there is nothing left for men to uphold. No intra-societal moral compass to guide them.

It matters little why a mother chooses death. The consequence is the same. Mothers must choose morality and the life of her children, or that society is as good as over.

But we can save America and indeed Western Civilization. As Deuteronomy chapter 30, so eloquently states,

"I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live."


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