21 Jan

The March for Life 2019 was a powerful testament to love, faith and commitment to protecting unborn children and ending abortion once and for all. Tens of thousands of pro-life activists arrived at the nation’s capital. What I witnessed was joy and dedication, as everyone was there with a shared and fundamental purpose, to honor the right to life. Every year, the march includes a growing number of millennials and Generation Z marchers who know that they could have been victims of the Roe v. Wade decision had their mothers made a different choice. Instead, many were marching alongside their mothers, proudly voicing their pro-life message to the world.

When Ben Shapiro, Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Wire and host of The Ben Shapiro Show, took to the podium I paid close attention as did everyone at the march. Ben’s speech was impassioned, with positivity and truth, exposing the euphemisms used by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry to sell “choice” to the public for 46 years. Termination of pregnancy and choice are euphemisms. Even the word “abortion” is a euphemism. What is it that we are aborting? That is the choice abortion activists choose to ignore.

Here are excerpts from Ben’s speech:

“We lied about the science…We pretended that human beings were not actually human beings. We pretended that human beings with DNA different from their fathers and their mothers, human beings producing their own red blood cells by 12 weeks, their own fingerprints by week 8, their own developing eyes legs and hands by week 5, their own forming nervous systems by week 3. We pretended that these were not human beings, human lives at all but disposable balls of meat.” 

Ben is Jewish and religious. He has stated in interviews that it is both science and his Orthodox Jewish faith that informs his decisions to uphold the right to life for the unborn, who are the most defenseless among us. His words here are especially memorable; he calls children our most prized possession:

“We built a country for our children. We built our lives for our children. And then something happened. We as a country decided to erase them. We decided that the present was more important than the future. We decided that convenience was more important than basic decency. We decided that we can safely blot out millions of souls who could not protect themselves, still forever voices that could not speak. We dehumanized the most human, the most innocent among us.”

 That dehumanization was accomplished with lies, propaganda and deceptive tactics that steered Americans away from the values that we cherished. At the time Roe v. Wade and its companion law Doe v. Bolton were decided, the facts about the extent of these rulings were hidden from the public and voters had no say in its outcome.

What we were really engaging in was the mass killing of the unborn, of course. Millions of children, who would never be held, who would never open their eyes, who would never see the sun rise, who would never become parents and then grandparents, the dismemberment of babies in the womb, the torture of tiny bodies.” 

 In 1973, had abortion been included as a referendum for a vote and the details of Roe v. Wade been revealed to Americans, they would never have supported it. That America would not have voted for a woman’s casual right to have her baby’s limbs torn off, an as yet unseen world in which millions of our future generations decimated. Today, the moral compass is so far off course that Democrats have become completely intolerant of pro-life activists to the point where they would like to eliminate our free speech rights. Like the abolitionists who worked to end slavery, and the Jews in search of freedom from bondage in ancient Egypt, Ben Shapiro recalls times in history when righteous people had to speak out on behalf of those who were suffering, oppressed and killed. If we are accused of being out of the mainstream by politicians like Governor Andrew Cuomo, it is because we are right. If we want to protect the innocent unborn, we should strengthen our commitment and responsibility to defending the pro-life message.

“Righteousness doesn’t have to be popular, it just has to be righteous. And so, we march. We march for those who can’t…We will not be forgotten. Our children slaughtered over the decades remember. They look at us from above. And they know that they meant something, that they do mean something, so long as we keep them in our minds and in our hearts. Our children, standing here with us, the ones who are here today, they will remember too. They will remember and they will march until they no longer have to march. Our children yet unborn will remember, and they will thank us in their prayers. And most of all G-d, the G-d who builds and preserves nations, who brings life and maintains it, who stands with those who suffer most at the hands of evil, He will remember us too. He will remember America and He will bless her. G-d will bless us because we are the guardians of His most precious creations. We stand between America and the darkness. And we will march until that darkness is banished forever and all of our children can stand together in the sunlight.” 

Ben Shapiro’s unwavering support for the pro-life cause is in contrast to secular Jewish organizations that advocate for abortion on demand, which is a direct violation of Halachic law in Judaism. Judaism is unequivocally pro-life and does not support abortion for choice, regardless of what the courts say. Our religion allows physicians to violate the Shabbos to save the life of an unborn child.

The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 37a reads: “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” It’s time to save souls and lives.

Copyright 2019 by Bonnie Chernin.

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