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A Message from the Unborn:  A Child's Plea

By Bonnie Chernin

April 3rd, 2019

The most powerful words that touch our hearts come from victims who have the courage to speak up and tell what happened to them, enlightening us with their message. When the message is true and heartfelt, it is believed and evokes change in those who hear it.

But what happens when the victim never had a voice? When the victim is no longer with us, the only messengers to speak on his or her behalf are the people left behind. Lost in the daily political struggles within the pro-life movement is the unborn child’s plea for life and mercy. His voice is hidden and then silenced.

This is the voice that Mark Crutcher, President and Founder of Life Dynamics, portrays in a new inspirational video, A Message from the Unborn. In a short and emotional 60 seconds, an unborn child speaks to us from his mother’s womb in the final moments of his life. The boy remains unnamed. The abortion is not seen. But this unborn child is with his mother in the waiting room of an abortion clinic, awaiting a fate he knows he cannot change.

There is poignant music but no graphic images. What you are drawn to is the child’s voice and message, giving thanks to the pro-life movement for all we have done. This is a reminder that even though it is too late for him our ongoing efforts will continue to save babies.

The child’s voice says in the end, “You know, I think I would have been a pretty good little boy.” There is hope and potential that appeals to everyone, including those on the fence who are undecided in their viewpoints on abortion and are willing to listen.

I have had the opportunity to speak with Mark about this video before it was released. Mark informed me he has plans to hopefully produce a series of videos like this one, giving voice to the unborn child. He also is telling us to share these videos everywhere on social media and personal websites. Since then, Mark mentioned on his current Life Talk show that there has been a positive and overwhelming response to A Message from the Unborn. He points out that we have already won the intellectual argument; this video speaks to our hearts.

I believe Mark has tapped into something important. Too many pro-life advocates give up the fight because they don’t always see the results. We should not become discouraged because our efforts are making gains and progress.

Mark often says that it is easy to forget that we are fighting for every single life. Every child saved is important and matters to G-d and the world. That is what Message from the Unborn is saying to the pro-life movement.

Copyright 2019 by Bonnie Chernin.

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