15 Jun

We often don't think about how important a father is as a role model and teacher to his children.   Traditionally, it is the mother who spends much more time with the kids.   Today, there are many shared responsibilities between fathers and mothers.   Fathers are not as distant and remote as in previous generations, and traditional roles have reflected changes in our society.   Fathers often take a more active interest in their children's development, hobbies, and socialization - they tend to be more involved in school, PTA meetings and day-to-day care of their children.   It is not unusual to find women working as primary breadwinners and stay-at-home dads who are cooking and babysitting the kids, changing diapers and taking them to school.  

Yet, when it comes to child birth, suddenly the father's role is diminished.   It becomes a woman's choice whether or not the child will be born.   This is as wrong as abortion is wrong.   It is as if the father had no place in his child's creation in the world.   While creation is an ongoing process from birth to natural death, there are nine months of creation prior to birth, without which there would be no life at all.

There are three partners involved in every child's creation:   Hashem our G-d, the child's mother AND the child's father.

Here is wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day.   G-d bless.   

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