Pregnancy Care

The Bridge to Life

147-32 Sanford Avenue, 2nd floor
Flushing, New York 11355



Phone and 24 Hour Hotline:   (718) 463-1810
Call or Text:  (516) 387-2055 
Fax:   (718) 463-1813 

Material Assistance Phone:    (718) 463-1821    
Astoria Material Assistance:   (718) 274-3577

From The Bridge to Life Website:  

We provide informative, honest and compassionate counseling to empower pregnant women to choose life while serving our families with support, guidance and material assistance in order for them to raise their children in a loving and secure environment.

We aim to be the bridge that helps mothers provide for their children. We provide self-administered pregnancy tests, multilingual counseling and referrals for free ultrasounds, support groups and housing. Through our material assistance program we are able to provide tangible support to expecting women and couples. By providing families with much needed items, we are able to eliminate some of their financial strain and empowering them to be able to choose life for their baby. 

There are many Ways to Donate to help mothers in need.   BWSC is a 501(3)(c) charity.  

Pregnancy Care Center of New York

Contact:    718-667-4357

From the PCCofNY website:

The Pregnancy Care Center of New York, Inc. (PCC) was incorporated in 1985. We are first and foremost, an outreach of love and concern. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance and support needed as you consider your options during an unplanned pregnancy. Your future is important to us and we consider it an honor and a privilege to be part of your life, assisting you at such a critical time.

We are an affiliate of Care Net, an international organization of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. Our Pregnancy Center is a non-profit Christian ministry serving women, as well as their families and partners who seek help in making decisions about their unexpected pregnancies and related concerns. The Center is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and therefore, has no financial interest in a women's decision. The Center, staffed by extensively trained volunteers, is supported by donations from private and corporate sources, and as such, we are able to offer our services free of charge.

10 Ha'Iluy Street,
P.O.B. 34204
Jerusalem 9134101
Tel: 02 545 4500

Committee for the Rescue of Israel's Babies
1274 49th St. Suite 569
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Tel: 718 697 7022



From their website:

EFRAT is a non-profit organization register in Israel, U.S.A., Canada, England and France.

Its mission is to empower women to make an informed choice about the future of their pregnancy by providing them with personal counseling, prenatal medical consultation and postnatal family support.   In addition EFRAT supports women by providing advice regarding exercising rights, such as access to public housing projects, liaison with social security offices and banks and by offering legal assistance through volunteer lawyers where necessary.

EFRAT aims to enable women to have a positive impact on their own lives and break out of the cycle of distress by offering opportunities to access vocational training and achieve financial independence.

EFRAT has been privileged to help over 71,000 women since the organization was formally established in the 1977. This is a staggering number and means that over 71,000 women have been empowered and supported in their choice to continue their pregnancy and keep their baby.

In Shifra’s Arms
PO Box 7212
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Call our helpline at:    1-888-360-5872  
Reach our counselors directly by texting: 646-632-8547
Contact form on the website.
Website:   In Shifra's Arms

From In Shifra's Arms website:

Our mission is to nurture vulnerable pregnant Jewish women and help them build a positive future for themselves and their children. Through our professional counselors, In Shifra’s Arms helps women navigate unplanned or difficult pregnancies so they don’t have to take the journey alone. We offer emotional and practical support from the first trimester through the baby’s first birthday. We also offer caring follow-up in cases of abortion/miscarriage. In every case, we treat our clients with unconditional kindness, compassion and respect.

Pregnant Women:

Our Counseling: Our professional counselors are available for crisis counseling and support through baby’s first birthday. Their support also includes post-abortion or miscarriage counseling should you need it.

Our Community Connections:  We can refer you to partner agencies who offer housing, employment and other support you may need.

Our Material Aid:   We can send you care packages, maternity clothing/supplies and baby clothing/supplies if needed.

Our Financial Aid:  We can provide grants to help with your most urgent needs not met by other community agencies.

Just One Life

16 King George Street
Jerusalem, Israel 91024
T: (02) 625-4973
F: (02) 625-4994

Rabbi Martin Katz
Executive Vice President-USA

587 Fifth Avenue, Suite 702
New York, NY 10017
T: (212) 683-6040



Save a Life in Israel Today!

Every day in Israel, in a moment of panic and distress, an expectant mother in crisis decides to terminate her pregnancy. Already stretched to her limit economically and psychologically, she fears the future. Distraught and conflicted, pushed to the brink, she sees no other way out. Women with medically at risk pregnancies face difficult decisions as well. 

Our Services:

Just One Life helps relieve burdens before and after the baby arrives. The needs of each family are evaluated by our staff of professional social workers to determine what we can do to help. Depending on the individual plan, a family will receive a monthly subsidy and counseling to relieve its stress. Most important, this mother now has an opportunity to spend these months preparing emotionally and financially to receive the new addition to her family. 

Just One Life offers expectant mothers a helping hand to guide them through the months of pregnancy and beyond. Just One Life enables and empowers mothers to have the children they so desire. We provide each family financial support to help them through their crisis.

Just One Life is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization, whose focus is the Israeli family faced with the dilemma of an untimely or medically at risk pregnancy. When pregnant women are grappling with difficult choices, it is important for them to know that they are not alone, that there is an organization - caring people and dedicated mental health professionals - that they can turn to for assistance.

Just One Life’s team of professional social workers combined with a financial assist from our dedicated supporters provide the opportunity for our clients to be empowered to make critical future-focused decisions for themselves and their families with support, clarity, and confidence.