Sukkot is here!

23 Sep

From my booklet "Experience the High Holidays" with Lubavitch Youth Organization:

The Four Species are:

The Etrog - (citron) - which tastes and smells wonderful.   This symbolizes the achiever, a person of great knowledge and Torah scholarship.

The Aravot - (willow branches) - has neither taste nor smell.   This symbolizes the nondescript - the person who lives the plainest life.

The Lulav - (palm branch) - This comes from a date-palm tree and has great taste but no smell.    This symbolizes a committed scholar with knowledge but little "sweat equity" in mitzvoth.

The Hadasim - (myrtle twigs)  - have a good smell but no taste.   This symbolizes the doer, a person with a lot of mitzvoth but no serious learning.


A sukkah is enclosed, and the covering on the sukkah – are branches, twigs – and when it rains, it rains in.    It is essentially unprotected on top because in the sukkah we express prayer and the Thanksgiving for G-d’s protection of our ancestors following our exodus from Egypt.

Wishing all our Jewish friends and family a Happy Sukkot holiday!

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