Happy Chanukah 2018

30 Nov

The Eve of Chanukah begins at sundown on 24 Kislev 5779 on the Jewish calendar.   The Miracle of the Menorah was an extraordinary event, when a single cruse of pure oil lasted for eight days.   We celebrate every year and with candle lighting beginning 18 minutes before sunset and lighting one candle on each successive night.   A guide to Menorah candle lighting can be found on the Aish.com website.

On the website Chabad.org, visitors can find an article:  "13 Hannukah Facts Every Jew Should Know," providing important and interesting facts about how to observe the holiday, including a historical narrative of Chanukah with fascinating information and customary diet traditions.

Another inspiring and instructional piece on Aish.com is entitled:  "A Response to Recent Tragedies:  8 Questions for 8 Nights" by Emuna Braverman.   How does one respond to the tragic shootings at both the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the shootings at a neighborhood bar at Thousand Oaks?   Ms. Braverman writes:  "It seems that the approaching holiday of Hanukkah may provide the perfect vehicle through which to craft a response."

We agree.  Both action and giving are important components of Chanukah, and can bring more meaningful experiences into our lives.

At The Jewish Life League we are celebrating both the Miracle of Chanukah Lights and the Miracle of Life.  Both life and creation are a source of joy and endless inspiration.   The gift of life - both born and unborn - is a true Miracle to the World! 

Hashem blesses all those who bless Israel. 

Hashem blesses all those who save lives, both born and unborn from conception to natural death.  

May the Light of Hashem dispel all the darkness in the world.

Praise G-d!

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