November is National Adoption Month

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If you are a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and are feeling scared, you are not alone!   Pregnancy resource centers and adoption services are available throughout the United States and in Israel.  

These centers will provide you with the support, comfort and care you need throughout your pregnancy.    An unplanned pregnancy need not be a crisis.   These organizations offer life-affirming options so that you do not have to resort to a difficult and painful abortion decision.

Women are often pressured into choosing abortion because they felt helpless and in need of support.   If you speak with older women who went through the abortion experience when they were young or listen to their abortion video testimonies on YouTube, you’ll learn that many of them were frightened and coerced into making a choice they ended up regretting later on.  On the other hand, young women who choose life for their unborn children rarely regret their decision.
Today, there are many opportunities for a birthmother to make an informed adoption decision.  With the availability of open adoption, you can make arrangements with the adoptive family whether you wish to remain in contact and how often.  Because of this flexibility, the adoption process does not pose that conflict as in previous generations.  

If you are not ready or in a position to raise your baby, there are many couples desperately seeking a child to adopt.   According toLife News, there are about 2 million couples currently waiting to adopt in the United States.   That means there are as many as 36 couples waiting for every one child who is placed for adoption.

Your baby can be a source of joy for a loving couple that cannot have children of their own.   Your baby can be raised in a wonderful home, and have a beautiful future.   Adoption counselors can guide you, offering you the option of choosing the adoptive family for your baby, with photos and stories posted to help with your decision.

We have listed a number of adoption services and pregnancy centers that specifically work with Jewish families, and help Jewish birthmothers place their babies with families that reflect our heritage and culture.   Many of the additional listings, such as Birthright International, are interdenominational and provide services to any birthmother in need, regardless of religious background.   So please consider inquiring from all of the adoption centers on the list.

You can find the care and comfort you need, in a choice that is life-affirming. Life is a precious gift to give your baby.  
The help is FREE and the calls are confidential and FREE.  

Should you decide to keep your baby, many of the Pregnancy Resource Centers below will also provide you with assistance and answer your questions.  

The information below reflects the mission of each organization, and is taken directly from their websites to provide women in a crisis or unplanned pregnancy situation with a summary of the services offered, which should help make an initial contact easier and more informed.
Life is a precious gift to give to your baby.   You’ll be glad you did.

Please visit our Adoption Assistance and Pregnancy Care pages for a list of adoption resources and agencies that offer 24/7 phone line support and online chat services for pregnant women needing assistance.

Bonnie Chernin
Founder, Jewish Life League

Note:  If you offer adoption services or provide life-affirming help for birthmothers and wish to have your service displayed on our Adoption Assistance and Pregnancy Care page, please contact us at