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The Jewish Life League is an organization created to reflect the traditional Jewish pro-life perspective on abortion.  Our fundamental purpose  is to enlighten and inform our readers about the tragic consequences that have befallen women and our culture since Roe v. Wade was enacted into law.  

The Jewish Life League maintains that life, both born and unborn, is sacred and worthy of protection.   We believe that the current so-called 'pro-choice' position of mainstream liberal Jewish organizations is deceptive and antithetical to the traditional teachings of our faith.  

The Jewish Life League reports on pro-life issues and news and  updates on current legislation surrounding abortion.  We will report on the dangers posed to women by the multi-billion dollar abortion industry.   We provide updates on Planned Parenthood's business, including updates on the recent disclosures of the sale of aborted baby body parts.

The Jewish Life League has an 20 year history online.  The Founder and President of The Jewish Life League, Bonnie Chernin, established the first Jewish pro-life organization on the Internet in 1999.  Jews For Life, as it was known, pioneered the Jewish pro-life movement by providing the public with the facts about abortion from the viewpoint of traditional and authentic Judaism.  

The Jewish Life League promotes its pro-life message and education through our articles, resources, political commentaries, analysis of government policy as it pertains to abortion as well as discussions, forums and contributions from other writers with similar viewpoints.   We value and welcome your feedback.